November 20, 2014

#GiveHappy This Holiday Season with Osh Kosh B'Gosh


 “I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for OshKosh B’gosh. I received an OshKosh B’gosh gift card to purchase product and to thank me for my participation.”

I remember wearing OshKosh B'gosh when I was a little girl. These days, the iconic brand goes way beyond overalls! OshKosh has the cutest clothes, for boys and girls, size 0-12. I am lucky to have a OshKosh outlet nearby, so I am always in there. They have awesome deals, and their little girls clothes are my favorite! Mila has a few pair of shoes from there as well, they are really durable and comfortable.

Right now they have the CUTEST holiday outfits online and in-stores. I was looking for coordinating outfits for my kids for our Holiday pictures. I wanted something cute and festive, but nothing that was too matchy. I started with Hudson, since he is super picky when it comes to what he will wear. I was thrilled when he picked out a dark denim button down. I paired it with mustard colored pants and grabbed a khaki pair as well.


Then I got lost in the girl section. I am obsessed with little girl clothes, especially during the holidays! OshKosh had so many adorable dresses and graphic tees! I fell in love with a navy blue sheath style dress with gold accents, since I thought it was a such a classy style for a little girl. I also found some more casual options for the photo shoot, including a super-cute heart tunic with matching leggings.

Hudson is kind of in-between sizes right now, and I wanted to see how the dress looked on Mila, so we decided to head to the dressing rooms to try everything on. Hudson loved the shirt, but the mustard pants we grabbed were a skinny cut and he was not a fan. I thought he looked SO stylish and handsome, but there was no convincing him! He chose the khaki pair.

Meanwhile, Mila was having a full-blown 'I'm-supposed-to-be-napping-right-now' breakdown, so after throwing herself on the ground in just her diaper... I decided to just take a gamble and hope the clothes were true to size. (they were!) She fell asleep moments after I put her back in the stroller, poor, sleepy girl!

How adorable is this dress??
OshKosh is running a holiday #GiveHappy campaign. It's all about celebrating the holidays and remembering the simple joys of childhood, often associated with this time. How do you #GiveHappy during the holiday season? Tweet OshKosh your #GiveHappy moments! Check them out on Facebook, too! To find an OshKosh near you, just head to the store locator.

Our holiday pictures are next weekend and I know the kids will look super cute in their outfits. I just wish they would have had clothes for me and my hubby, since now WE have no clue what to wear! 

OshKosh gave me this awesome coupon for all my readers! Just click here to print it out!

November 19, 2014

Organize your kids playroom with help from Ikea


I love Ikea. I fell in love with this furniture super store when I did my internship in New York. I was super excited when they finally came to South Florida a few years back. (and there is a location really close to my house!) I have tons of Ikea stuff in my house, but my favorite is a big photo wall I have in the living room, using all Ikea frames.


I had the opportunity to go to a Bloggin' Mama's event at Ikea last night, and I got so many great ideas! The focus of last night was 'Designing and Maximizing your Children's Playroom', something I totally need. Our spare bedroom is currently being used as a playroom, since we don't really have too many guests who stay the night. (everyone knows our kids don't sleep, so they usually make the smart decision to stay elsewhere)


The thing with the room, is that we have put ZERO effort into it. We just throw all the toys in it. There is nothing on the walls, no real organization... just toys. I even sent in pictures as an example, and they used them.


The furnishing consultant, Jenny, had some awesome suggestions. I really liked her idea of taking off the closet doors, and painting the inside a bright color. (or even using a chalkboard paint for some of it) She suggested some great storage options, and said maybe a desk set up would be good in there, so my son could do his homework. She also suggested putting a small table in the center of the room, with play areas set up around the room against the walls.

Some other decorating ideas they shared with the group:
  • Get furniture that grows with your children (Ikea has tons of furniture options that do this... expandable beds, tables with extendable legs, changing tables that turn into desks... you get the idea!)
  • Admit to yourself that, "YES! Children live here!" (I am guilty of trying to hide all kid toys.. I don't know why even I bother)
  • Design without rules! Mix and match colors and patterns, have fun, it is a kids space!
  • Storage is important, create a 'place' for everything

At the end of the night there was a contest, and a few of the bloggers won gift cards... including me! Woot! Woot! So now I have $100 to get my playroom in order thanks to Ikea and Bloggin' Mamas!


One more thing, Ikea is partnering up with UNICEF for the holidays, and for every stuffed animal you buy, Ikea will donate $1 to education! How awesome is that? During our Ikea trip a few months back, I got Hudson a stuffed puppy for being such a good boy during our VERY long visit (we were getting Mila a bed) and he still loves it. Maybe Santa will bring some more stuffed goodness, since they have tons of cute ones and its for a great cause!  

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November 17, 2014

The 'Other' Berger


Have you ever met someone with your same name? Well, it turns out there is a woman out there with my exact same name, and people confuse me with her all the time. The 'Other Berger' is known as the 'Intern Queen' and she has made quite a name for herself.

After completing 15 interships, she created Intern Queen Inc. in 2009. The site helps students find interships across the country, for free. She is also a author and does other fantastic things.

One of my bosses even admitted to me that after learning I had been hired, he googled me... and thought I was her. Recently, I noticed I had been getting tagged on my personal twitter by people thinking they were tagging the 'Intern Queen.' Unfortunately for her, she got on the twitter bandwagon a bit too late to snag @laurenberger... that belongs to yours truly.  However, @Internqueen has a commendable following of more than 35k, which goes to show you that slow and steady does not ALWAYS win the race.

I decided to tweet back the people who gave the wrong Berger a shout out, including the Intern Queen in my tweets. And guess what.. she tweeted me back!


We corresponded with a few emails, she pitched some satellite interviews she had going on and that was that. It was nice to FINALLY speak with the woman I have been asked about so many times. 

She was in town last week doing some appearances, and my friend Johnanna Gomez tweeted me since she was interviewing her. The 'Other Berger' is never too far away!

Do you have a name twin out there?

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November 16, 2014

Hot Holiday Gift Idea: Leap Into Gaming with #LeapTV


Thanks to LeapFrog and #MommyParties we were sent a #LeapTV to review. Opinions are 100% my own.

We are a big fan of Leap Frog products. We have all their reading systems, and both my kids love them. So I was really excited to get the chance to review the new LeapTV system. It is on all the hot holiday toy lists, and I can understand why.

Basically, LeapTV is a gaming system that gets kids into the action while teaching core skills across a variety of subjects including: reading, mathematics, science and problem solving.

We hosted a Leap Into Gaming party and invited some friends over to play. We started out with the game: Sports! This game has 9 different sports for the kids to play, and all of them help build math skills! The curriculum auto-adjusts, to make it challenging for all age levels. This game was a HUGE hit. Favorites were snowboarding, super goalie, swimming, and karate. All the parents could see how the game was teaching math skills, but the kids had no idea!

The Dance & Learn game was next. Freeze dance was the crowd favorite here. There is also a drumming game where you complete the rhyme that was a lot of fun. This game focuses on reading skills: vocabulary, phonics, and compound words.

I think this is a great system, since it is really easy for the kids to figure out and use. Each game has a voice guided explanation, which is perfect for children who can't quite read yet. For the motion games, it has a shadow person set up each time, to show the kids exactly where they should be standing to allow the game to work best. Considering I had a bunch of kids over who had NEVER seen the system before, they all figured out how to use it right away. Both of these games had a lot of different play options, which make you feel like you have way more than two games. Also, when you register your child during set-up, you get a bonus free game automatically!

You can buy LeapTV at a number of retailers or through the Leap Frog website. Be sure to check out Leap Frog and Mommy Parties on Facebook. Also, Leap Frog is on Twitter!

Check out some of the fun we had in this video!

November 14, 2014

Sneaking in Some "Me" Time with my Intel Tablet


We have plenty of gadgets in our home, but for some reason, it is always difficult to get my hands on them. Between Hudson's homework, Mila's app obsessions, and Donnie's never-ending research on all the do-it-yourself housing projects that he has planned... I usually have to wait until everyone is asleep before I can get anything done.

So when I was contacted by Intel Tablets to join their #TabletCrew I was super excited! I decided right away that this Acer Iconia One 7 tablet would be ALL MINE. I wanted my own place to blog, keep up with social media, and just enjoy the things I like to do... without worrying about the kids deleting apps or messing with my stuff.

When I first opened the tablet I was a little nervous, since I am not very tech-savvy, but it was really easy to navigate. I loaded it up with apps that I love and now this tablet is my favorite guilty pleasure, second only to reality TV. (Hellooooo... Teresa on the Real Housewives of NJ reunion... I can't!)

Intel Tablets can do so many awesome things, but my favorite thing about my Intel tablet is the size! I bring it with me everywhere, I just toss it right in my purse. It fits right into the little neoprene sleeve I used to use for my Kindle. The screen is large enough that I can read everything comfortably, but small enough that it can go anywhere.


So here is how I use my Intel tablet to enjoy some much needed ME time!

Blogger: I love to blog. I love to blog even more while sitting on my couch with a big glass of wine. This tablet makes it so easy for me to hop on blogger and write or edit my posts.

Bloglovin: This is the easiest way for me to catch up with my favorite blogs, and the app version makes it convenient and easy. Everything loads so quickly on this tablet, that I can read and comment on my favorite blogs whenever I can sneak a free moment.


Pinterest: I have a Pinterest obsession. Especially around the holidays... I love getting Christmas decorating inspiration and pinning my favorite fall recipes.

Kindle and Overdrive: I LOVE my Kindle, and now with the Kindle app I can read all my books on this tablet! Overdrive is an app that lets you borrow e-books from the library. Thanks to my tablet I can borrow books that are in the Kindle Format, or in the regular e-book format, since I can read those right off the Overdrive app. This gives me more options when borrowing library books, since the Kindle versions usually have a wait list, while the other format is available more often. I love to read, but since I've had Mila it is really hard for me to make time for it. Now that I bring this tablet with me everywhere, I can find little moments to read, which makes me so very happy.

#spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.

November 12, 2014

10 Things I've Learned In My 10 Years Of Marriage


Today is my 10th wedding anniversary! I cannot believe how fast 10 years of marriage have flown by! I love gushing about my sweet hubby, so most of you probably know we met at FSU... when I was just 19 years old and he was 23. (I thought he was so OLD! HA!) We celebrated by spending a weekend away just the two of us. NO KIDS! I am so grateful that they had an amazing weekend as well thanks to their awesome Grandma & Papa!

Where it all started!
Marriage is not easy, and I am in no way an expert on being married or having a good relationship, but here are 10 things I have learned in my 10 years of marriage that may or may not help others.

1. People don't change. Now don't get me wrong, very few people stay exactly the same... we grow older, some of us get wiser, we may advance in our careers, etc. However, I believe that the true 'foundation' of a person doesn't change. So when you get married, make sure you like the person you are marrying at THAT VERY MOMENT. Don't marry them because you hope once you get married they will become more motivated, or become a neater person, or suddenly become more patient. While it is very possible those changes MAY happen, there is a better chance they won't. Donnie is basically the exact same man I dated all those years ago. He has the same characteristics and personality that made me fall in love with him... and that occasionally drive me crazy. The same goes for me. Donnie is a neat freak and I will ALWAYS be a messy person. No matter how hard I try those shoes cannot make it back into my closet. (I swear, I don't mean to leave them where he will trip... but he runs right into them!) But these are things we knew about each other before we got married, and we knew that if neither of us ever got rid of those annoying habits... that we would be okay with it.


2. Speak to each other nicely. Too often I am shocked by the way I hear married couples talk to each other. Most people speak to strangers nicer than they talk to their spouses. No matter how grumpy you are, or how little sleep you got, or how stressed you are... try not to take it out on your spouse.

3. Don't forget you are on the same team. Don't 'keep score' in your marriage. Try to remember you are on the same team. So if you are keeping a mental note in your head of how many times you have cleaned the bathrooms or emptied the dishwasher, just stop. If you feel like you are doing more of something, talk to your spouse about it. Maybe they didn't realize, or maybe they have been picking up the slack in other areas that you just haven't noticed.

4. Fight Fair. All couples argue. But I think it's HOW you fight that makes the difference. Try to argue respectfully. Don't hit below the belt or say things you can't take back. Try to see your spouse's side of things. This kind of goes back to the 'same team' thing. Donnie and I have been together long enough that now when we argue we just want it to be over. We don't attack each other... we just look for a solution to the problem. Kind of like you feel annoyed by this, I feel annoyed by this... what can we do to stop being annoyed?

I think this was 99'... and yes... I am wearing khaki overalls.
5. Give each other space. I grew up as an only child, so I have always needed my own alone time. My husband knew this while we were dating and that didn't change because we were married. (because people don't change, remember?) I still need a day to myself every once in awhile and my husband needs the same. Make sure you spend time with friends, together and separately. I don't give my husband a hard time if he wants to go out with his friends, or spend a day playing golf. I wouldn't want him to give me crap if I went out for a girls dinner or went to the mall for a few hours.


6. Kids change things. Donnie and I were together for a long time before we had kids. So when we decided to expand our family, it was a big change. Our time was no longer our own, our sleep schedules were determined by our sweet baby boy, who also happened to hate sleeping. Our weekend afternoon naps on the couch and random lunches and dinners out went away. We got used to it... but it took time, and patience with each other. Some couples have kids and carry on just like before, but for us it was a major change.. and I think too few people talk about how hard that adjustment period can be on a marriage. You may even kind of hate each other for a bit. But it passes. Promise.


7. It pays to be thoughtful. Do nice things for your spouse. For no reason. For example, Donnie leaves for work pretty early, but he always makes me coffee. (even though he doesn't drink hot coffee) So after he gives me a kiss goodbye, I wake up to get the kids ready and find a fresh pot of hot coffee just waiting for me. I think it is the sweetest thing. I try to text him nice things during the day, just so he knows that I am thinking about him and appreciate him. It's not a huge gesture, but it works.

8. Sex is Important. I am not going to go into details here, but if you want a happy marriage you need to be having sex. Like... way more than you probably think you should be having. Men (most men) need sex. It is what makes them feel connected to you and secure in your relationship. Imagine if your husband never told you that you looked pretty, or always said he was too tired to give you a hug and kiss goodbye... well, that's kind of how it feels to them when they don't get any lovin'. I believe that sex is a big part of how couples stay connected. I could be wrong. Like I said before I am no expert... but give your hubs some love. And see what happens. ;)


9. Don't forget to 'check-in.' Life is busy and crazy and sometimes you need to take a moment to really 'check in' with each other. I don't mean talk about how you day is, I mean discuss how your LIFE is. Every few months, my husband and I will take a evening to 'check in.' We talk about our jobs, the kids, our finances, and our goals for the future. What are his future aspirations? What are mine? Where do we want to be in a year? What are we currently unhappy with and what can we do to change it? You need to remember to check in with each other to make sure you are on the same page with your family and your goals, and then you can work together to attain them.

10. Be thankful for your spouse. Remember this is the person you chose above ALL others to spend your life with! If you decided to have kids, this is the person you decided to have them with. The goal is to share your entire life with this one special person! That's huge! Marriage is an amazing and beautiful thing. Make it a priority.

Happy Anniversary, my love!!

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November 11, 2014

Protect your Heels with KiiX

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for KiiX, but all opinions are 100% my own.

I'm pretty lucky since I can wear flats to work everyday if I want to. But occasionally, I do like to wear heels and dress it up for work. Since I work at a news station, everyone else is usually looking fab, with suits and cute dresses. And heels. Lots of heels!

The problem with wearing my heels to work is that there is lots of stuff I have to do BEFORE I actually get there. I drop my kids off at two separate schools, sometimes I run errands before or after work, not to mention running around the newsroom during the day. So my heels take a beating. And nothing annoys me more than ruining a cute pair of shoes cause I wore them to work.

I have the most adorable pair of Guess flower printed pointy toe pumps. To say I love these shoes would be an serious understatement. As someone who hates flower prints and colors in general, these shoes are a MAJOR departure for me, but as soon as I saw them I was obsessed. I always get tons of compliments when I wear them and they go with everything. So I decided to wear them to work. And at some point during the day the heel got banged up. It could have been when I was putting my kids in their car seats, or running into an edit bay, or food shopping on my way home. It doesn't matter. I will obviously still rock these heels, but it is just annoying.


So when the makers of KiiX high heel protectors contacted me, I was like YES! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE! Basically, it's a clear sticker that protects your heels from scuffs and tears. It is simple and genius at the same time.

How cute are these?
I recently got a new pair of Same Edelman black patent high heels. So I knew right away that I would try out Just for Kiix on these heels. I was a little worried since I have no coordination and I didn't want to mess up the sticker part or make my shoes look funny.


Thankfully, Just for Kiix are easy to apply. The first heel I put it on I got a few air bubbles, but it was easy to smooth out. By the second heel I was a pro! I have been wearing these heels out and about and so far, they still look fantastic! The adhesive has not budged. There has been no peeling around the edges, even after my heels got wet a few times. (Thank you, South Florida rain)


I plan to use these on all my new fall heels, since you can't see them at all, and I really feel like they protect the heels. I just wish I would have known about these sooner, so I could have saved my beloved flower power shoes!

(Baby girl didn't like being left out of this photo shoot!)
                    You can find Just for KiiX at select Nordstrom stores or you can buy them online.

November 9, 2014

October Family Favorites

Ok...  I know I am SO late with this family favorites post, but I have been crazy busy! Anyway... October was such a fun month! I had a blast decorating for Halloween and making all sorts of fun treats with the kids! Let's not forget my annual pumpkin carving party! Now its time to reveal our family favorites for this month.

Press-On Nails
Yes, I know what you are thinking.. Press-on nails? YES! They are awesome and these are not the Lee press-on nails you had as a little kid! (remember those sticky tabs, ugh) My current obsession with press on nails started when my next door neighbor told me about them. (ok, so she is in elementary school, but whatever) I gave them a try, and now I am obsessed. They are perfect for a weekend event when you want your nails to look nice. I have worn them twice this month, once to work just to see what people would say... then again for Halloween since they were a fun black and pattered set. EVERYONE thought I got my nails done, and were SHOCKED when I told them they were press-on and took me like 3 minutes to put on.  I like the Nailine and the Fing'rs once best. I have heard you can paint the french ones whatever color you want, but I'm too lazy to try that. The secret is use a size smaller than what you think your nail bed is, since once you push them down they flatten out to fit your nail, and if they are too big they look bad. No one notices if they are a bit too small on the edges though. I especially love these since I hate getting my nails done, and I have very thin nails that always break off. I can't be bothered getting gels or acrylics, so I am team press -n all the way. For about 6 bucks a box, my Thanksgiving and holiday nails are DONE and DONE. 

Mommy's Helper Slide Lock
So Mila was wrecking havoc on our pantry closet. She was obsessed with getting in there, and taking all the food down. She especially loves to sneak gummy snacks and try to open soda cans. By throwing them. Across the room. You can see where this would be a problem. We had resorted to keeping everything off the bottom three shelves. but it was wasting so much space, so my hubby did his research and found the most amazing solution. The Mommy's Helper Slide Lock costs like 4 bucks and it will blow your mind with its simplicity. It works like a charm, you can hardly notice it, and our food is once again safe. Everyone who sees it thinks it is the coolest thing and my husband gets all the credit. 

Sour Patch Gum
Hudson had an ear infection and a cold about a month ago. He kept saying that he couldn't hear us and that his ears were messed up because of his cold.  The doc confirmed he had fluid in there, and then a pediatric ENT did the same. He doesnt need tubes... yet.. but we have been doing anything and everything to get this fluid out of his ears. In addition to the nasal spray suggested, we have been letting him chew gum since that can help him pop his ears. (which helps to let out the fluid) He is LOVING this, since I never really let him have gum very much. His favorite gum is the Sour Patch gum, since he loves anything sour. Hopefully his ears clear up soon... wish us luck! 

Hess Truck 
This was part of a set that Hudson got for Christmas a few years back. For some reason she is beyond obsessed with it. She plays with it in the house, drives it around the garage, and it always ends up in her room... which annoys the crap out of her brother. He says the jet and the truck are supposed to stay together, but she want nothing to do with the jet. However, he is very nice and has agreed to let her do whatever she wants with the truck, since as he says, 'I'll let her have it, since she's a baby and babies get everything.' (he kind of has a point there) I think Santa will have to put some new toy trucks under the tree for Miss Mila since they make her so very happy.

Nothing in this post is sponsored or was given to me for free.

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